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Our Mission

The AAV mission is simply to "raise standards" in the unregulated armored vehicle sector.

End users have the absolute right to expect high standards of vehicle design, engineering and ethics from the armored vehicle industry. This trust can be abused by low quality producers who have poor design and minimal quality assurance taking advantage of inexperienced buyers who assume that there is an industry standard (typically B6) that provides comprehensive protection

In reality this test criteria applies to the materials only and not how the materials are integrated into a vehicle. In some circumstances this can be the difference between life & death, with inherent design flaws and ballistic "leakage" leaving the armored vehicle occupants exposed.

AAV will either supply clients with fully inspected and field tested armored vehicles that meet the AAV test protocol or alternatively act as the end user's representative by carrying out a full inspection and review of a client's proposed vehicle acquisition to minimise the risks of a successful attack or mechanical failure resulting from the purchase of a sub-standard armored vehicle.