Our Products & Services.

Advanced Armored Vehicles offers a broad portfolio of Armored Vehicles specifically designed to resist known and unknown risks & threats.

These are summarised below however the AAV Armored Vehicle range is constantly developing with model changes, special projects and with new threats presenting themselves.

Product Range

Protection Level
Armored SUV's
B6 / VR7 / B7+
Armored Sedans & VIP limosines
B4/ B6 /B7
Armored defensive Police & Light Military vehicles
B6 / B7/ Stanag
Cash in Transit vehicles
B4 / B6 / B7
Armored Truck Cabs & Tractor units
B6 / B7
Special Projects
(designed & built to specific requirements) up to B7+

Soft skin vehicles with or without defensive upgrades.

AAV accredited 2nd user Armored SUV's & Sedans.

*Data sheets and quotations are available via the confidential contact / enquiry section on the "contacts" tab or by phone.

Professional Services.

  • Armored Vehicle inspections and field testing in accordance with the AAV vehicle inspection and test protocols.
  • Quality Assurance reviews of third party manufacturers products.
  • Procurement advisory services incorporating strategy & "whole life" considerations.
  • Risk & Threat assessments of specific theatres in the context of Armored Vehicle protection levels.
  • Fleet management.

Project Finance & Leasing.

AAV can facilitate innovative finance packages for Armored Vehicle leasing and purchase, internationally.

Our finance partner offers competitive rates, fast track processing and global experience to clients ranging from Governments to low volume buyers.

This quick and easy low deposit financing can assist clients to manage their cash flow especially during the mobilisation stage of a project.